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By looking through the manufacturer archives of Saint Gobain, we discover that the creation of Miroir Brot® was made on 1826 by François Brot® in the heart of the old Paris, next to the historic place of Republique.

Miroir Brot® immediately achieves great success, quickly recognized and place on the Top of his field in France & Europe.

In 1875, the creation of the Triple mirror was considered as revolutionary which provide to Miroir Brot® an immediate worldwide reputation and success. The Triple Miroir will be call by the expert the “Miroir BROT®”.

In 1927, Miroir Brot® again ahead of its time invented the mirror call MIROPHAR, a magnifying illuminated mirror. Initially design to equip cars, Mirorphar finally found his right place in luxurious Hotels. This revolutionary spot light designed to provide a direct and soft illumination without the fog inconvenience brings to the user the comfort of a meticulous make up or shaving experience with a luxury French touch.

Still manufacture in our workshop in the suburb of Paris, it has been for almost two centuries that MIROI BROT® carries this traditional know-how of working glass and brass.

Our Masters Glassmaker and Brass craft-men by using this unique know-how allow us to obtain this unequalled quality and design n that make our prestigious collection of Mirrors.

Miroir Brot® is also recognized to be capable to make mirrors based on the client’s specification and add his hallmark of Miroir Brot® tradition.

Miroir BROT® is today due of his consistent unequalled quality and reliability the worldwide reference of luxury mirrors.